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Greener Pastures

To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go.
- Mary Oliver, Blackwater Woods

Saying goodbye is always hard. We honor the GSH horses - both those who have been adopted out and those who have remained with us - who have passed on to Greener Pastures in this section. They are greatly missed.

Mona, 1992-2023
31-yr-old Paint Mare
Trooper, 2022-2023
1-yr-old QH colt
Rudy, 2002-2023
21-yr-old Donkey
Rolo, 1982-2022
40-yr-old Miniature Horse Gelding
Buster Brown, 1995-2022
27-yr-old Arabian/Shetland Gelding
Maggie, 1999-2022
23-yr-old Saddlebred Mare
Grey, 1996-2022
26-yr-old Quarter Horse Gelding
Hank, 1997-2021
24-yr-old Quarter Horse Gelding
Rauch, 2008-2021
13-yr-old Paint Gelding
Katie, 1994-2021
27-yr-old Paint Mare
Ez (Goat), 1994-2021
27-yr-old Paint Gelding
Fleurie, 2016-2020
4-yr-old Mustang Mare
Russet, 2011-2020
9-yr-old Quarter Horse Gelding
Jackie, 1993-2020
27-yr-old Paint Mare
Echo, 2007-2020
13-yr-old Tennessee Walker Mare
Angel, 1992-2019
27-yr-old Appaloosa Gelding
Missy, 2007-2019
12-yr-old Tennessee Walker Mare
Dudley, 1994-2019
25-yr-old Quarter Horse Gelding
Leann, 1999-2023
24-yr-old Quarter Horse Mare
Tommy, 1995-2019
24-yr-old Quarter Horse Gelding
Jinny, 1996-2019
23-yr-old Saddlebred Mare
King, 1998-2019
25-yr-old Arabian Gelding
Reagan, 2008-2018
10-yr-old Shetland Pony Gelding
Comet Sr., 1994-2018
24-yr-old Pony Gelding
Gleska, 2014-2017
3-yr-old Gelding
Star, 1998-2017
19-yr-old Saddlebred Mare
Smokey, 2011-2017
6-yr-old Arabian Gelding
Rooster, 1994-2017
23-yr-old Quarter Horse Gelding
Dani, 2014-2016
2-yr-old Quarter Horse Mare
Sam, 1978-2016
38-yr-old Gelding
Queenie, 1985-2015
30-yr-old Saddlebred Mare
Moon Spirit, 2007-2015
8-yr-old Morgan Mare
Wendy, 2003-2014
11-yr-old Quarter Horse Mare
Shelly, 1984, 2014
30-yr-old Shetland Pony Gelding
Baybee, 2006-2014
8-yr-old Morgan Mare
Sahara, 1982-2013
31-yr-old Arabian Mare
Omars Wendy, 1983-2013
30-yr-old Morgan Mare
Barbie, 2006-2012
6-yr-old Belgian Mare
Pirate, 1997-2012
15-yr-old Mustang Gelding
Bugs, 2022-2012
10-yr-old Quarter Horse Mare
Rosie, 2011-2012
1-yr-old Quarter Horse Mare
Mia, 2008-2012
4-yr-old Hackney Pony Mare
Twix, 2011-2012
1-yr-old Saddlebred Mare
Cricket, 2009-2012
3-yr-old Tennessee Walker Mare
Blake, 1987-2012
25-yr-old Quarter Horse Mare
Sammy, 1981-2011
30-yr-old Quarter Horse Mare
Shamall, 1980, 2011
31-yr-old Arabian Gelding
JJ PuddleJumper, 1982-2010
28-yr-old Quarter Horse Gelding
Rocky, 1985-2009
24-yr-old Thoroughbred Gelding
Tika, 2000-2008
8-yr-old Paint Arabian Mare