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The Horses

Many have forgotten this truth, but we must never forget it... we remain forever responsible for that which we have tamed.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Over 300 horses have come to Gentle Spirit Horses since our start in late 2010. Most have been rehabbed, trained and rehomed through our Adoption program. Some stay forever, for various reasons, as Permanent Residents in our Sanctuary program. Some have left us forever and wait for us in the Greener Pastures, healthy and happy again. All have been greatly loved.

Find Your Next Best Friend

Available Horses

The main program and goal of GSH is to find permanent homes for the equines that come into our care, and to offer them a lifetime protection contract. Horses come into our program in many ways - from neglect and seizure cases, herd reductions, and many owner donations. We will also help place horses that remain with their owners until placed, to offer them the protection of our adoption contract.


Horses Who Make GSH Their Home

Permanent Residents

Sometimes, a horse comes into our care that for various reasons is best suited to spend the rest of their life with us. Whether it be for age, health issue, disability, behavioral problems, or some other reason, we maintain a small Sanctuary program to provide a peaceful and stable last home for equines that meet our criteria. Most of our Sanctuary horses find jobs in our other programs, particularly in the Bug Club Children's Program.


Rehab Horses
Horses in Rehabilitation

Many times, a horse may come in with an injury, emaciated, with neglected hooves, or simply unhandled and scared. Horses that are recovering find themselves in rehab. During rehabilitation they will be treated and brought back to health, or gentled until able to be safely handled before being placed for adoption.

Adopted Horses
Horses with Homes

We love nothing more than finding the perfect match between horse and human. Seeing horses thrive and be loved in their new homes makes every hard day worth it.

Loved Horses Lost
Greener Pastures

Saying goodbye is always hard. We honor the GSH horses - both those who have been adopted out and those who have remained with us - who have passed on to Greener Pastures in this section. They are greatly missed.