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Our Horses

In Rehab

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
- Hippocrates

Many times, a horse may come in with an injury, emaciated, with neglected hooves, or simply unhandled and scared. Horses that are recovering or are in quarantine from auction find themselves in rehab.

NOTE: We are unable to remove the "Apply to Adopt" button on the liked pages for these horses. Unless we have given an estimated adoptable date for each horse, we will not be processing adoption applications for rehabilitation horses.

Kodiak (Kodi)
4-yr-old QH stallion from the 5/20/2023 auction. Thin, distrustful and not accepting handling.
11-yr-old QH mare transferred in from another rescue initially for the Dakota Showdown. Anxiety and aggression issues.
15-yr-old QH gelding from the 7/2/2023 auction. Super sweet, easy to handle, just needs to get through QT and gain weight.
15-yr-old QH mare, suffered an injury in training for the Dakota Showdown and returned with vision loss and very thin.
You Can Help!

Give a Horse a Second Chance

Your donations allow us to give horses in need of rehabilitation the time they need to recover and grow. Consider a monthly donation to help!