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Born in 2008

Paint Gelding

Bug Club Horse

Skye is a wonderful horse who has the worst luck. He came to GSH at 19 months old, already rejected twice. He went through four adoptive homes before he was 7 years old, but always came back. Once a kid safe horse being shown by a 5 year old, he has suffered injuries due to poor handling and was granted Sanctuary due to his constant rejections. In the fall of 2017 he suffered a tying up episode, and will be slowly reintroduced to work and the Bug Club this summer.

Skye has been part of GSH since he was 19 months old!  He had already been rejected from two homes at that age - first from his breeder who had no use for him since he is a Paint with no spots; second by the person who took him in as a weanling who had no time for him and just had him out with cattle.  He has grown up with us, and had a couple of different placements now.  He spent the last year and a half with a great family, as a riding horse for their 6 year old daughter.  Last summer, as a 5 year old horse, they were riding on trail rides, showing walk/trot and tiny tot barrels and poles, and doing very well for such a young couple.  Unfortunately this spring Skye started exhibiting some behaviors that were just too much for his family, so he has returned to GSH for rehab.  He cut his leg the night before he came back, and though his family treated it we have had to do further treatment including starting him on antibiotics as the leg swelled up pretty well.  Prior to the swelling we did one evaluation ride that went well, though Skye was obviously very anxious and though willing, seemed to anticipate being in trouble at any wrong move.  With patience and time, we hope to help Skye return to the kind, gentle, confident young horse that he was.  He will not be available for adoption at this time as he seems to have the absolute worst luck with homes and needs some stability at this point in his life.

Update August 2014: Skye has been added to our string of therapeutic riding horses as Sully is ready to retire.

August 2015: Upon return to GSH last fall, it was quickly determined that Skye had suffered a back or neck injury at some point.  He had severe pain response in his back, was developing muscle wasting on one side, had a shortened stride and altered standing position.  Reports started coming in of two different trailering incidents where he flipped over backwards, once reportedly over the butt bar of the trailer.  Another trailering incident was reported where he had been seen having to go under the butt bar.  None of these were reported by his adopter, so we aren't sure of the validity of the reports, however it was obvious he had suffered some injury that was consistent with the reported incidents, including the reports of rearing and bucking that had developed "out of the blue" with his adopter.  Skye was put into rehab, given massage and heat therapy, and saw a chiropractor in the spring of 2015.  We intended for him to have multiple treatments (he was seen by a vet at the same time), however his initial treatment showed dramatic improvement.  He stopped showing a flinch response, started walking evenly, and so we put him back into light ground work and started rebuilding his muscles.  He's moved back into light riding and is doing well!  He will remain a permanent resident and part of our Ambassador program due to his history.

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