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12 days of Christmas...GSH style!

πŸŽ„For the next 12 days we will be counting down to Christmas eve with the 12 days of Christmas...GSH style!πŸŽ„
Help the horses with some last minute gifts to go under their tree this season and have some fun with us as we do (goodness knows we need some this winter). Can we get everything on their list? And the amounts? Lets try!
🎡On the first day of Christmas my true mare gave to me..... A horse clipper under the tree🎡
The first Christmas wish is a large one but very needed for horses like Airforce and Cola who will need to be clipped this Spring to help them get through the hot South Dakota summers.
Check out our Amazon Wishlist or order at Tractor Supply -Yankton, SD (pick up Gentle Spirit Horses) to help us out with the first gift!🎁