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We're often asked what got us started as a rescue and it's very hard to answer. There are lots of things - from being raised by an animal-loving mother who loved horses and rescued wildlife and then started taking in horses on her own, to our various skillsets and education combining well, and heck, maybe even a little dose of insanity in there to make us choose such an all-encompassing mission ...

But I'd say this moment is probably the "start" of it all. I don't even know who snapped this photo.

In this #throwback photo you have Nina and Tiffany and our very first adult horses. At this moment Nina is fresh out of college and adopted Beau from a rescue and Pirate came along for the ride. Tiffany wasn't yet planning on adopting but Pirate made that choice for her.

Pirate ultimately taught us all so much, with all his disabilities and issues and his giant heart, and it's because of him we learned our desire and talent to help horses that others would overlook. He was nearly completely blind, partially deaf, had balance issues and was full of scars and was an amazing horse. 

The rescue was already in full swing when he died, and it's all ultimately because of him - at least for Tiffany. When he died, we made a promise that someday we would have "Pirate's Paddock" - a safe space for blind horses to live - and this fall we finally finished building it. We built a second one at the same time and that one is now called "Raven's Run" after another amazing blind horse we lost this fall

From two needy horses adopted by two naive women who had a lot to learn - heck we barely knew what a farrier was or how to tack up a horse - to where we are now is a true testament to what can be done when we all work together and allow ourselves to learn and grow. #ForSouthDakotaYesterday

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