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Looking for a friend? Consider adopting a Pasture Pal!

Looking for a friend? Need a companion horse? Love horses but don't ride anymore and hate to see your pasture and barn go to waste? Consider adopting a Pasture Pal! We have several horses who need a place to just be a horse without expectation - and we've reduced their placement fees to help make it easier to say yes!

Have a small paddock sitting empty and want a couple quiet, sweet mares that you can lead kids on and even ride alone around the farm? Check out Emma & Summer, our bonded blind girls that would love a quiet home where they can just be loved.

Or how about Phoebe or Santiago? Both well loved ex-kids horses who thrive on one-on-one attention and aren't meant to live at a rescue. Santiago has an arthritic hock but is pasture sound - just doesn't seem to enjoy being ridden anymore, and Phoebe is in her early 20s and still gaining weight. She'll need senior feed to maintain her weight but can likely still be lightly ridden going forward. Both would love someone to call their own!

Or, are you patient and skilled and willing to work with a horse with some anxiety or trust issues? Plucky, Vanessa, and June are your girls. Plucky and Vanessa are slow to trust, struggle with anxiety, but have a lot of try. They are both strong girls and both are able to be trimmed with a person they trust and some grain as bribery, but will require experienced and patient handlers to be trimmed regularly without sedation. Both actually like people but are very wary at first, but if they trust you, they will be your best friend. June is extremely distrustful and hard to catch, and at the moment will need a lot of work on her hooves, but has decent ground manners and just needs someone experienced to work with her. She struggles with lameness on the front, likely due to a fused joint or ringbone, but has not yet had x-rays due to her struggles with her feet. All have reasons that they are best suited as Pasture Pals, but with enough time, trust, and attention, could possibly give more.

And that leaves Pepper. Pepper is simply an older mare with a stiff stifle, pasture sound, and friendly, but definitely ready for retirement and just being a friend.

We can only bring in new horses if current horses find homes, and your support of horses like these through our Pasture Pal adoption is one reason we feel comfortable opening our doors to horses with problems. We know there are people out there willing to give a horse (or two!) a home just to be friends ... so if that's you, apply now!