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Looks like we never announced the new babies' names! We're excited to introduce...
Saylor - new 1-2 year old bay/dun colt from last Saturday's auction
Penelope (Penn) - 2-year-old sorrel filly from the Gage County seizure auction
Eloise (Lou or Weezy) - 2-yr-old bay filly from the Gage County seizure auction
These three are very cute ... and looking to learn. Eloise is friendly and leads well, while Penn is a little more cautious but friendly. Saylor is still getting to know us and not sure he wants to be touched, but he is coming along.
If not adopted by mid-April, all three, along with yearling Navy, will be participating in the Dakota Showdown Horse Trainer Challenge in the
Foal University Division.
Apply to adopt or train today! See comments for links. 🙂