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November Adoption Appointments!

We have several adoption appointments available this Sunday! See available times here:
The more horses find homes, the more horses we can help 🙂
🏇 Riding Horses: These horses have various levels of training🌟
 Whiskey- 8 year old Morgan gelding, experienced trail horse and has sorting experience; EMS and history of founder, needs a low starch diet/dry lot and maintenance
Rocky - upper teens TB/QH type gelding, experienced lesson and trail horse from Camp Foster, has worn teeth and will need a pellet diet to maintain weight
Terra - 9 year old mustang mare, only 13.2. Trail experienced/trained at Western Working Horse in Dakota Showdown, but strong willed and needs to match with her rider
Hazel - 11 yr old Morgan mare, 14.2, trail experienced/trained with MG Performance Horses in Dakota Showdown, needs a confident rider as her go-to is to not move if she feels insecure.
Xena - 17 yr old QH mare, abt 15 hh and stocky. Trained through Dakota Showdown but very green, requires experienced rider to continue to build confidence as she can be easily spooked.
🎓 Horses Needing Training: Ground work solid, ready for training to become riding partners🐎✨
Luna, Albert, Walter, Eliana
🐴 Companion Horses: Horses just looking for a soft landing and new friends. May be able to give leadline rides or go for light rides, but have health issues that make them best suited for a companion home. May have special needs and very specific adoption requirements.❤️
Joey, Vanessa, Pepper, Honey, Phoebe, Plucky, June
Listed but not available/pending adoption: Fernando, HeiHei
Also looking for homes through trainers: Autumn (Newell, SD, Lazy K Equine), Jack and Harper (Gallaway, TN - MG Performance Horses) . Reach out to their trainers with questions!