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Lots of interesting guesses on the photo of teeth we shared! Those teeth belong to 37-year-old Shanno, who drops a lot of her food so went to see DocsBenandErin today at Cedar County Vet. We found that she was missing SIX teeth and had one very loose one, which was pulled. A slight float to even things out a bit and help bring her incisors back in line a bit and she's back home tonight!
We love how patient, gentle, and careful Dr. Ben is, especially with the super seniors who are very risky to sedate. We know all of our animals are in good hands with them!
Turbo also had a float and Dex had a tooth pulled and finished up her float. Barn cat Sophie went along for some urinary tract problems and is now on antibiotics and special food to deal with crystals, rods, and infection in her bladder. 🙁
Donations towards their vet bill today are greatly appreciated!