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We all want to say a huge THANK YOU for your support for #givingtuesday and the South Dakota Day of Giving! We had a blast participating with South Dakota Gives and building up to Giving Tuesday - and we hope you enjoyed all the #BarnyardBanter and #PonyPuns!
We asked you to #GiveWithGlee and boy did you!! Today we totalled up the donations received towards the hay fund and Giving Tuesday and we're happy to report we added over $10,000 to the Hay Fund! We have now paid for 40% of our annual hay - 2 semi loads and 400 square bales! And we are about halfway to having the next semi load and 200 bales of squares paid for!
Those 2 loads are coming in the next two weeks, so we can't stop now. We have a little over one month to raise the other 50% of our hay fund - about $18,000 - so keep the momentum going!