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Update on Dex!

It's been a while, so here's an update on our 30-yr-old Dex, who had a steel run in shed blow over in 60+ mph winds and trap her head and neck underneath it nearly 60 days ago. By some miracle she survived and we found her immediatehely, got the shelter off of her and to the barn. She suffered an arterial bleed in a hind leg and multiple deep cuts in the other, required 5 bags of IV fluids to stabilize her and even suffered a seizure. Despite all that, she pulled through and is working on recovery.
About 10 days after coming home she had swelling that burst on her left temple, followed by one her right temple a few days later, which indicates she likely had skull fractures as well. She obviously was extremely sore and lost a significant amount of weight.
But through it all, she maintains a great attitude. Most of her wounds have healed, and she no longer is on antibiotics. She is still receiving about 1 gram of bute daily but also is on day turnout in a small paddock with baby Winnie who goes in for surgery next week. She has a significant limp on her left hind and we suspect some tendon damage however the swelling is significantly down and she is pushy about being allowed to walk. She's got a great appetite and is gaining weight back, so at this point we're letting her lead her own recovery.
We'd like to continue to see improvement in her legs and hope she's walking much better but she has time - winter is a long way away. For now, we're just grateful that she's doing so well!