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Urgent! Auction is in ONE WEEK!

🚨🐴 Urgent! Auction is in ONE WEEK!🐴 🚨
Winter is closing in fast, and the horse market is reflecting the urgency of the situation. Heartbreakingly, horses are being sent to auction to escape hefty winter feed bills, some arriving in deplorable conditions. 🐾 At the last auction, foals, described as mere "skin and bones," went for as little as $5! This time of year, these beautiful creatures need a soft landing more than ever, and we're on a mission to help! 💔
On November 11, we're heading to the auction, determined to bring home horses in desperate need. But here's the catch: we can only save as many as our funds allow, and that includes ensuring they have enough to eat throughout the winter. While we can't rescue every horse, we can make a significant difference in the lives of a few who would otherwise suffer the most. 🌟
We've launched this urgent fundraiser with the goal of bringing home FOUR horses, and if we raise enough, maybe even one or two more, depending on the purchase price. Are you ready to join us in this lifesaving mission? Every donation counts! Help us make a life-changing impact. 🙏