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🐴 Urgent! 🐴 We recently found out a herd of 37 neglected horses in Gage County, Nebraska, that were seized by law enforcement and have spent the last six months in the care of a rescue will be taken to auction by the county THIS SATURDAY, March 2, 2024. To us this is one of the worst things that can happen - these horses have experienced horror, been given a second chance, only to be taken to an auction frequented by kill buyers and traders and likely heading to a worse place!
Read more about the situation here:
We are part of the Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter Network and as a group, the Network is working to do what we can to keep these horses safe. We are one of the closest rescues to the auction and are hoping to help! Colorado Horse Rescue Network and Pony Tales Horse Shelter (from Wisconsin) are coming in person, and several more of the FCOL rescues have pledged support. Horse Plus Humane Society, the parent organization, has pledged all of March's grant funds ($5000!) towards this campaign. We will work as a team with one bidder, and Carrie at Colorado Horse Rescue Network is in contact with the rescue who has provided care to ensure they have the best chance of getting the horses they want, and hope to raise enough to keep all of them safe.
We personally have committed to bringing in 4 of them - which could be four pregnant mares, two mares (pregnant or not) with foals at their sides, or just 4 horses in general. We are hoping to raise at least $5000 to contribute to the pool of money the FCOL rescues are compiling to be divided among the horses for purchase price - and hopefully have some left over to cover intake and care costs, but we'll take it one step at a time.
WE NEED YOUR HELP to keep these most vulnerable horses safe. Give now!