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We are blessed to have an amazing farrier!

What a great farrier weekend - we are blessed to have an amazing farrier (who we are also thrilled to call friend)! Our core farrier crew, Stacy, Haily, Nina and Tiffany - along with Jay this summer - rock it every month but this month was particularly productive.
19 horses received full trims, another 8 had front trims, 2 had corrective work done, and 2 more were checked and rescheduled for next month. That is a LOT of horses getting their regular hoof care.
Several of our more difficult to catch horses, or horses that have been impossible to trim in the past were caught and seen, including Vanessa, Reba, June and Eloise. Eloise will be seen again in a month after more training, and June was sedated, but they have caused a lot of stress so we're thrilled they were done.
Diva had been showing a significant increase in pain the last week or so, and we opened up a huge abscess today which hopefully will help. She is still a hospice case and her feet and comfort level means we will not be asking her to go through another winter, but hopefully her trim will get her back to a happy, comfortable level so she can continue to have a good summer.
We're grateful to have such a smart, experienced, caring, willing and patient farrier and an amazing team helping to keep everyone healthy. We would love a few more people on our farrier team. If you have basic horse experience, can commit to once a month volunteering, and like Casey's pizza, message us for more info.
29 horses having farrier work adds up, and today's check was nearly $1000. Donations gladly needed at