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Who wants to work with Dollar this summer?

Who wants to give his boy a chance? This is Dollar, one of the four horses transferred in from Colorado Horse Rescue Network for the Dakota Showdown.
Dollar is a big, flashy boy who is the least interested in humans out of the group. He likes to hide behind his friends and try to fool you into believing he doesn't exist because you can't see him. He's smart and a thinking horse, and we suspect with some trust and confidence he's going to be a very loyal and good partner.
Dollar - and all four of the CHRN boys - have spent 30 days with a trainer working on ground manners - so should have some of the basics in place once he gets past his avoidance of touch.
With those perfectly matched hind socks and his pure athleticism, he's going to make someone a great horse with the right training. That's where you come in. Want to train him and compete in the Dakota Showdown this year? You have until Monday, April 1 to sign up!