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Will the Christmas Ponies see you at Fleet Farm in Sioux Falls on Sunday?

Stop by to meet Santa Cola and Christmas Di and grab them something from the wishlist as we work to fill our #GivingTree back at the barn! We will be there from 11-2!
Can't attend but want to help? You can purchase a wishlist item or three online and have us pick it up at the store! Start here: and just put in Gentle Spirit Horses / Tiffany Ring as the pickup person and as the email when you check out.
What's on the wishlist, you ask? Here you go:
Senior Horse Feed (Any)
Proforce Fuel or Ultium Horse Feed
Horse dewormer (Any)
Horse Grooming Supplies
Cowboy Magic detangler
Small Rubber Bands
Hay Knife
Horse Joint Supplement
Horse Hoof Supplement
Buteless Supplement (Pellets)
Medical Supplies (Any)
Horse water buckets
Small feed buckets
Salt Blocks (large and hanging)
Mineral Blocks (no selenium)
Small Horse/Pony Halters
Rubbermaid tank heater
Shavings (Fine)
Horse Pelletized Bedding
Stall Fork/Pick
150-200 gallon water tank
Rolling wheel cart
10ft brown panel
12ft brown walk through panel
Gift Cards