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Winnie is coming home tomorrow!!

Big news tonight - Winnie received her coffin joint injection and special shoe with a toe extension today and for the very first time (maybe in her whole life) she is walking on the bottom of her foot instead of the front of the hoof wall! In the week since surgery this is the first glimmer of hope that it will be successful.
She's not out of the woods yet, however. She comes home tomorrow and will be in a splint to keep her fetlock from buckling because of the released tendon and obviously the shoe to keep from buckling the other way out of habit. She'll be on stall rest, antibiotics, and still be on watch for infection in either the joint that was infected or the deep digital flexor tendon, which they cut inside the sheath for more effectiveness. We start a 30-60 day timeline for improvement and will be taking it day by day.
We've raised enough to cover our initial estimates for both Saylor's castration and Winnie's surgery, but have added both time for their hospital stay and additional procedures (and added a small vet bill for Phoebe's choke today), so if you can, please consider a donation to support our efforts to give them all a good life: