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Winnie Vet Update!

Winnie Vet Update 😔💕🙏🐴
I just spoke with Dr. Black about our 9-month-old filly Winnie, who underwent surgery to try to correct a severely contracted front hoof on Tuesday. She had a deep digital flexor tendon and one branch of the superficial digital flexor tendon tenotomy.
As reported yesterday, unfortunately Winnie is not yet responding as we would like. She is still wanting to knuckle over and walk on her hoof wall instead of landing more straight. As time passes and the tendons are no longer a factor, we have to consider that she may have changes in the joint capsule that isn't allowing it to move. Unfortunately this type of surgery typically shows pretty dramatic and immediate changes if it's going to be successful.
As of today they have added a splint to try and strongly encourage her to use the leg properly and we will regroup in 24 hours. There are additional things to try but each one is less effective and reduces the chances of her return to full soundness. The next step (and likely final step, should we choose to take it) would be to inject the joint capsule to add fluid and some pain relief to see if that helps loosen things. However, that is the last ditch effort to give Winnie a normal, pain free life.
To be clear - this is not something that time will help. Should she fail to show significant improvement - heck, any improvement - it is not a fair or responsible choice to just let her walk around on a leg like that. We also do not believe amputation and a prosthetic is a responsible choice - not only for her but because of the cost and care requirements of such a decision. We do ask for your trust that we will do everything we consider reasonable and ethical to give Winnie every chance at a good, long life, but also if we do end up losing the fight that you show us compassion and understanding.
But today, we continue the fight and need all of your best wishes to keep us optimistic.